The Vinou API is mainly based on JSON Web Token authentification send as Bearer-Token.
To gain access to any information provided by the Vinou API, follow 3 simple steps:
  1. Login into the Vinou App, go to the Tokens module and generate a new Vinou API-Token.
  2. Generate a temporary, session based JSON Web Token by signing into the Vinou API via POST /service/login using your Vinou AuthID and the Vinou API-Token. You can find your Vinou AuthID in the Vinou APP via Settings in the bottom Area of your customers edit dialog.
  3. Use the JSON Web Token from the response to access all other routes provided by the Vinou API by Including the header "Authorization: Bearer " with every request.
Keep in mind, that the received JSON Web Token will expire after 12 hours, which may change to a shorter period in the near future following data safety regulations. Therefor it is recommended to always perform a login before executing sensitive tasks.

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