Vinou Development Area

Together we make all wines accessible for every one.

API Reference

The Vinou-API is primary focused in managing business processes and our platform is highly optimized to automate business logic.

Due to our vision and our focus the Vinou API could NOT base on REST principles. Have a look into our API reference to see the innovation and the possibilities that are inside you.

Getting Started

User Documentation

Generating or working with data arround the wine universe is complexity. To simplify this our platform distributes multiple products depending on the usecase.

The documentation section for users is at the very beginning due to the amount of constantly new arriving features. We provide short screencast videos on our YouTube channel to show all the current features. But be sure that at least on thing still will be missing.

Start Learning

(only german language available)

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API-Connector (SDK)

Our API-Connector connector could best be described as an typical SDK. The Connector is the easiest way to start PHP-Development based upon the Vinou Platform data.

Start Coding

Vinou SiteBuilder

The Vinou SiteBuilder is PHP-Library that provides simple routing and data processing functionality to realize modern websites. DataProcessors are providing data directly into Twig-Templates configured by a easy to use YAML-Configuration.

Start Building

Translation Kit

We provide all translatable and standardized application data as a language package. You can choose to use the localization resources within the Vinou-API or the PHP package for static integrations.

PHP-Package Localization Resource